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Knibbs HR Consulting is a professional human resource management consulting firm that has a number of associates available for speaking engagements.  Our team members have diverse and extensive experience.  We take this experience and translate it into dynamic presentations complete with valuable take-aways for the audience.

The topics are timely and relevant to today’s changing corporate culture and are presented with humour and excitement.  We provide thought-provoking presentations and keynote addresses.

INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE doesn't stay at home -
the hr perspective

How does HR react and respond to this socially under addressed subject? Explore the HR perspective of intimate partner violence for organizations. HR has experience in recognizing, reacting and responding to other socially under addressed topics. When domestic violence comes to work, we are more equipped than we think.

more than a poster on the wall

More than a poster on the wall. Explore ways to bring your organizational values alive and into strategic HR action. Learn how values can be implemented into your policies, processes, and strategic and tactical actions.


Gone are the days of managing others performance. Now help people maximize their own performance. Partnering with staff, upfront effort makes performance planning a value added organizational activity.


Governance comes with many responsibilities. Being an employer and a supervisor of one positions (CEO) are two such responsibility. Boards and councils have a role in strategical and tactical human resource management. Learn what the Board or councils role is and is not and how they can support strategic HRM.


As our community and society continues with the reconciliation journey, organizations need to also discuss what that means for them. Explore how can HR be a leader in organization’s reconciliation journey.

What our Attendees Have To Say

"The consultant delivered an engaging, thoughtful, and instructive address at our Summit. The consultant clarified the importance of investments in human resource management for agricultural businesses and demonstrated that a return on investment along with employee retention are two key benefits to focused attention in this area. The presentation delivery was energetic and inspiring. We were entertained while she demonstrating the powerful effect of a people focus."
Project Manager
"The consultant gave a presentation full of practical advice that will help people solve our real world problems. She connected with the audience - it was clear that she understood the pitfalls and risks of human resources and was able to provide some concrete solutions."
"The only recommendation I would make is more time. I enjoyed your presentation very much, but I was disappointed when it was over!"
Admin Assistant
"I attended the session presented at our convention. "Improve your Human Resources Decisions using the HR Decision Making Triangle" The decision making triangle shared is an easy-to-use model to apply to HR decision that helps ensure they are made in a balanced way and are easily defendable. It was easy to see how the model would work as she took their real examples and applied it. As a manager making HR decisions, having a tool like this triangle to assist with challenging HR decisions is something I will definitely use into the future."
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