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HR Retainer for Non-Profits

Every year, non-profits spend billions of dollars on salary, benefits, and other employee supports. As the number of non-profit organizations has grown in Canada so have the demands on non-profit leadership. Meeting client needs, fund raising, working with a board, finding volunteers, managing the money and with all of these, human resource challenges.  To ease some of the burden, we can help with our retainer program for non-profits.

For the average non-profit, there a many HR challenges to keep in mind, for example

  • recruitment & retention
  • onboarding
  • performance management
  • funding
  • policies & procedures
  • legal & regulatory
  • job classification
  • strategy & culture

So how do you, as a leader, keep your focus on your non-profit’s mission?  How do you effectively manage the people end? There is a simple solution – our HR retainer for non-profits.  Firstly, you develop a relationship with a consultant who gets to know you and your business. Secondly, you get expert support and a cost-effective solution.

Which HR functions can be outsourced?

An experienced HR firm can effectively handle your HR needs, especially hiring, onboarding, documentation, training, employee management, policy & procedure, employee engagement, termination, health & safety and legal compliance, and more with our HR Retainer for Non-Profits.

What is the cost?

That depends on how much help you would like, how often, and sometimes the complexity. Firstly, do you need a lot of help or just a little? A tight workplan and a consultant who knows your vision is an investment in good advice and outcomes. Wouldn’t you rather focus on delivering service to your clients? Let us support you on the people end.

If you’re looking for HR support, importantly consider

  • Where could you use expert advice?
  • What services can your provider deliver?
  • Do you need emergency support, day to day help or strategy?
  • How important is a relationship?
  • What can an HR retainer help you with?

For over 20 years, Kn/a HR Consulting has provided expert advice to a range of Saskatchewan and western Canadian clients. Contact us today to explore how an HR Retainer could work for you.

Stephen Eger is the Managing Partner of Kn/a HR.  You can find more about Stephen here, or contact Stephen at or by phone at 306.520.3236

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