Workplace Restoration

Workplace Restoration

The Problem

Everyday people go to work wanting to do a good job, make a difference, and be successful.  But, sometimes things don’t  go as planned.  After tempers flare and rude comments are made, relationships can take a nose dive. This can lead to tension and claims of bullying.  Workplace conflict affects the entire team.  An HR investigation addresses claims and complaints, but what about after that?  Organizations want to move forward.  So how do they move from a toxic workplace to a happy one?

What To Do

Most companies understand their ethical and legal responsibilities to address claims of workplace harassment.  HR investigations answer the question – are the claims true or not?  But what is the next step? What does a company do after the HR investigation? What brings the parties back together?  This is what workplace restoration is about.

What is Workplace Restoration?

According to the Government of Canada’s Workplace Restoration Guide,  restoration is aimed at, “the establishment or re-establishment of harmonious relationships amongst individuals and within a team, group or unit, following the formal submission of a harassment complaint.” Workplace restoration is the final stage in a loop of HR investigation, reporting, action planning, and monitoring.

How Does it Work?

Every case is different. Because each company has its own teams, and each team has it’s own culture.  In general terms, I have found that this approach to workplace restoration works.

  • Careful Assessment:  The people involved must understand the situation that is facing them.  Because understanding is vital to finding workable options.
  • Tailored Response: From one-on-one coaching, mediation, facilitated discussions, to large group work, there are many options.
  • Action Plan: An action plan and commitment to change are essential.  In conclusion, solutions that are closely tied to those involved are more supported by both the people and the organization, and as a result, they work better.
  • On-going Coaching and Monitoring: Regular monitoring and action plan tune ups help people stay engaged.  Most importantly, the people involved must practice the skills necessary for healing and work towards harmony.

Restoring the Workplace

Through effort, the people and the organization can heal and grow positive relationships. Individuals can expect to learn something of themselves and gain empathy for others.  They can make peace with those they have been feuding with. Organizations can expect improved relationships and may even benefit from more productive employees.

Let’s Talk About Solutions

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